Room Tour: Lilly Pulitzer Theme Little Girl Room

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Do I have a surprise for you! My sister and her family moved into their new home in August and their home is GORG. Literally in like a week of closing on their new home, her husband and herself painted and decorated the whole thing (maybe future house tour in the making? 😉 ) . Everything, … Continue reading Room Tour: Lilly Pulitzer Theme Little Girl Room

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Accent Wall

When my sister asked me if I could paint a mural in her daughter's new bedroom, of course, I jumped at the opportunity! I only have boys, so I was super excited to do something completely "girly" this time! And there isn't much that screams "girly" more than flowers and Lilly Pulitzer! (To see what … Continue reading DIY Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Accent Wall

Fall Room Tour 2017: Judah and Finn

Judah and Finn's shared bedroom is ready for fall! And I am so excited to share my first FALL ROOM TOUR with you all! There's only a handful of rooms in our new home that are where I want them to be, the rest are far from being "red carpet" ready! But I'm really in … Continue reading Fall Room Tour 2017: Judah and Finn

Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 4

We're so close to finishing the walls of the playroom I can feel it! I'm super excited because I can see the end! I was torn between continuing the "black" from the ceiling onto the walls or going bold with a strong contrast of white!  After playing around with it in my head throughout the day, … Continue reading Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 4

Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 3

My family and I went down to vacation a whole week in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was such a great time with my husband's family! David is number 4 of 6 siblings. Six siblings, each with significant others, plus my mother-in-law and father-in-law AND their six young grandchildren (5 of them under three) needless to say there was … Continue reading Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 3

Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 2

It's time to start painting the space/universe ceiling! YAY!!  After clearing out the playroom, the first thing I needed to do was paint the ceiling black to get that night sky backdrop! This was my first time painting a ceiling, I was a tad nervous about it! But I actually wanted the paint to spill over onto … Continue reading Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 2

Playroom to “Play-verse” Part 1

THE INSPIRATION  The playroom has forever been referred to as the "black-hole" here in the House Of David.  All the toys somehow seem to congregate to that room. No matter how many toys we donate and get rid of, we end up with more that constantly end up scattered across the playroom floor and sometime seem like … Continue reading Playroom to “Play-verse” Part 1

Painting Our Doors Blue… and Pink

I've been going back and forth between wanting to paint the doors on the main level of my home for about nine months!  It's a commitment and more involved than painting the average wall. For the longest time, I thought I wanted black interior doors (thank you Pinterest). I LOVE black doors. They're so classic and clean. But … Continue reading Painting Our Doors Blue… and Pink

Mountain Adventure Room For the Kids

I wanted to do an mountain adventure theme room for my boys. I was off to Pinterest to get some inspiration. I saw a lot of the ombré-like mountain murals, which I like. (Actually in our old home, this is exactly what I did for their room. ) But I think I wanted something a littler BOLDER this … Continue reading Mountain Adventure Room For the Kids

DIY Fake Shiplap with Paint to Make Hallways Look Wider

Vertical stripes add height and horizontal stripes add width.  I wanted to make my hallway appear wider but to paint thick horizontal stripes down the hallway would be little too overwhelming for my personal taste. The most atheistic way I've seen horizontal stripes is shiplap! I've been dying to put some fun wall paper in my house. Wallpaper is absolutely … Continue reading DIY Fake Shiplap with Paint to Make Hallways Look Wider