RECIPE: Mimi Thorrison’s Cinnamon Crepes

I like to try a new recipe at least once or twice a week! I have tons of recipes that I cycle through but I don't have many cookbooks.  I have one, actually.  French Country Cooking by Mimi Thorrison . I've made crepes hundreds of times, each time using a different recipe until I bought Mimi … Continue reading RECIPE: Mimi Thorrison’s Cinnamon Crepes

Fall Room Tour 2017: Judah and Finn

Judah and Finn's shared bedroom is ready for fall! And I am so excited to share my first FALL ROOM TOUR with you all! There's only a handful of rooms in our new home that are where I want them to be, the rest are far from being "red carpet" ready! But I'm really in … Continue reading Fall Room Tour 2017: Judah and Finn

How The Right Pillow Can Make A Huge Impact

Here's a fun quick little read about my favorite tip that you can use today and within minutes to instantly add all those cozy bedroom feels !

Recipe: Ultimate Comfort Chicken Noodle Soup

  Fall is so close I can feel it! ...Literally! Cool, brisk, sweater weather ...I am ready for you! There is nothing more satisfying in that cool, brisk, sweater weather than a big and hot bowl of soup!  Let's talk about that humbleChicken Noodle Soup for a minute, shall we? I LOVE Chicken Noodle soup! I love it so much, I serve it to … Continue reading Recipe: Ultimate Comfort Chicken Noodle Soup

Who Has The Groom? The Bridal Shower Game You Actually Want to Play

When my sister was getting married, I chose to play "Who Has The Groom" as one of her shower games! It was such a huge hit! Everyone was laughing their little booties off!  So, when I was put in charge of "games" for an upcoming shower, I knew exactly what game I was going to … Continue reading Who Has The Groom? The Bridal Shower Game You Actually Want to Play

Super Easy Way To Cozy A Room for Fall!

It's officially PSL season! I could say just about every cliche thing about fall/autumn/PSL season and that would just begin to describe how much I love this time of the year! I will only talk about one of those "cliche" sayings that top my list... Fall means cozying up! I love me some PSL but you don't … Continue reading Super Easy Way To Cozy A Room for Fall!

Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 4

We're so close to finishing the walls of the playroom I can feel it! I'm super excited because I can see the end! I was torn between continuing the "black" from the ceiling onto the walls or going bold with a strong contrast of white!  After playing around with it in my head throughout the day, … Continue reading Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 4

Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 3

My family and I went down to vacation a whole week in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was such a great time with my husband's family! David is number 4 of 6 siblings. Six siblings, each with significant others, plus my mother-in-law and father-in-law AND their six young grandchildren (5 of them under three) needless to say there was … Continue reading Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 3

Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 2

It's time to start painting the space/universe ceiling! YAY!!  After clearing out the playroom, the first thing I needed to do was paint the ceiling black to get that night sky backdrop! This was my first time painting a ceiling, I was a tad nervous about it! But I actually wanted the paint to spill over onto … Continue reading Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 2

Playroom to “Play-verse” Part 1

THE INSPIRATION  The playroom has forever been referred to as the "black-hole" here in the House Of David.  All the toys somehow seem to congregate to that room. No matter how many toys we donate and get rid of, we end up with more that constantly end up scattered across the playroom floor and sometime seem like … Continue reading Playroom to “Play-verse” Part 1