I’m Aychel, Let’s be Friends!

A little bit about me, My name is Aychel Schultz (pronounced: Ay-shul think “Racial” without the “R” 😉 ). I became a Christian in 2010 and my life has forever been changed! I married my best friend, David, in 2013 and I could not imagine my life without him! I worked the Oncology night-shift at the hospital for a while until I was so blessed to be a mom! And now that’s all I do!

family 2017

My family would often friendly tease that I was an “old lady” because even as a kid,  all I wanted to do was be in the kitchen, needlework, draw, design, buy furniture,  expensive mops/brooms and other things that they perceived as “old (-er than 10 year old) lady”  things. I didn’t know the exact word then, but as I got older I knew, all that time, I just wanted to be a homemaker.  So that’s what I did. I stopped working at the hospital and became a stay at home mom.  A decision I have never regretted! I get the honor of staying home every. single. day. with my two young lads Judah (2) and Phineas “Finn” (1)  in my jammies, and just soak up these little years!  In The House Of David, I blog about DIYs , recipes, creative design tips, my wanna-be-artist art and the occasional beauties and boogies of motherhood because that is what makes our House of David, home! When you visit, I hope your inspired to take some of our home, to yours!