Baby Number 3: First Trimester Update!

We have our second midwife appointment today and I couldn’t be more excited because that means we are at the END of the first trimester! YEASSSS!!!

I’ve wrote about this on my Facebook and instagram so incase you don’t follow us there here’s a ย little back story about this baby number 3: So my when my second baby turned 13 months old aunt flow finally came back in town. Bittersweet moment….yea? But now we could start trying to have baby number 3! And we did get pregnant! But unfortunately, on September 11, (baby was about 10 weeks) we found out we were going to loose that baby. But God is always good! Within a month we were pregnant again and here we are at the end of the end of the first trimester!

Okay back to the update ๐Ÿ™‚

So the first 8 weeks I remember feeling so useless. Nothing was getting done around the house. Cooking, cleaning, laundry…. NOTHING! I couldn’t even get myself to work out! (And I work out even when I’m sick…. I always feel better and get a burst of energy! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )! NONE OF IT! The laundry was piling up in Mountain RANGES. I mean I think I could have filled a room with all the laundry needing to be cleaned! The only objective each day was make sure the kids were fed and the dog went out to go potty :). Everything after that was not important and just wasn’t going to happen LOL.

That definitely took David through a loop because when I was pregnant with our two boys the only early pregnancy symptom I really had was just being incredibly tired, you know, sleeping the standard 18-20 hours ;). You get me moms. David always says “it’s a lonely 3 months” HAHA! Thankfully now we have littles to keep him company while mom goes into hibernation mode. But this time around ON TOP of being incredibly tired:

  • I couldn’t get myself to cook (because looking at meat was…ew.)
  • Laundry….. not happening!
  • I think David may be over fish for a white…. for this whole 12 weeks, that’s all we ate at home! HA!
  • I hated the house smelling like the food we ate yesterday and the days before. To me, our house reminded me of ย “the inside of a break room microwave” ! HAHA! And I couldn’t describe it any other way!
  • Its winter, so everyone had fireplaces on and fireplace smell (which I usually LOVE) was a puke-able offense.
  • OMG and RICE…. I’m from the Philippines…. we eat rice breakfast, lunch and dinner. BUT I HATED the SMELL of rice when it was being made. Poor David would make my rice on the patio because I was puking every time I smelt it!

And then you add two babies age 2 and 1 to the mix….. and then I watch my two nieces (5 and 1 ) twice a week too…. lets just say I never took the good ol’ nap for granted. ย HA!

BUT BEING A MOM IS SUCH A PRIVILEGE, you will NEVER hear me complain….

….Even when puking your brains out while fighting your 1 year old who is trying to stick his hands and tooth brush in the toilet to swirl in the fresh vomit …oh, AND all while the 2 year old is screaming and banging outside the bathroom door trying to get in because he thinks you’re dying! HA!….. (I said I would never complain…. this is just keeping it real ๐Ÿ˜‰ -beauty and boogies of motherhood right?! LOL ย )

But I really was so blessed this pregnancy:

David really picked up the slack on my part. He’d grab whatever I wanted to eat (I would say the baby’s ordering “womb-service” HAHAHA) , he started tackling the mountain range of laundry (for like the first time EVER ๐Ÿ™‚ ), he cleaned the house and always watched the kids when I needed to nap!

He’s the best! Seriously without him I think I would have lost my marbles weeks ago!

And If I told my mom I was really wanting some filipino food, she would drop everything, cook my little family a HUGE spread on the dime! At least four different courses sometimes five! And then have everything brought to my house!โ€ฆโ€ฆ sometimes there is NOTHING better than mom’s cooking.

And then my mother in-law came to babysit the boys one night while we went out for David’s 10 year high school reunion, and came home and found out she had done 80% of my laundry! We only had like one basket left! How did she manage to do that much laundry in such a short amount of time?! I have no idea…but she does have SIX children. So she knows a thing or two about laundry ๐Ÿ˜‰

And so many other people offered to help with chores and …laundry (if you can’t tell yet… it’s obviously no secret that laundry is NOT my strong suit….. )

Like I said, I am always so blessed by our friends and family especially when I’m pregnant, and they all help to make my first trimester easier and comfortable!

So this week, I think I’m finally on the rebound! I started cooking again (fish only still though… poor David lol) , and OMG how amazing it is to finally get back in the kitchen. Because I was avoiding it like the PLAGUE! ย And I’ve been getting back into the chores again! Not perfectly, but we’re getting there!

And NOW we are going to our midwife appointment later today to hear baby number three’s heartbeat!

We’re praying for a good report! And I’ll keep you all updated!

Thank you all for reading! Be sure to visit In The House Of David again soon for more baby updates, DIY and mom life fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

Come over again soon!


2 thoughts on “Baby Number 3: First Trimester Update!

  1. Hurray for the second trimester! I was so blessed to pretty much only feel lightly nauseous with my pregnancy, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s that way the second time around! We had a little boy so maybe I won’t be so lucky with a girl. ๐Ÿ˜ You mentioned a midwife – are you going to do a home birth?!


    1. Oh good! Maybe it really is a boy thing because I was the same way with my boys! ….does that mean I’m having a girl?! HA! And yes, we are using a midwife, the same ones actually that we used for my two boys! I would LOVE to someday gather the courage to do a home birth! But we’ve just gone to a birthing center. Are you wanting to do a home birth? Go for it!


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