Our “How We First Met” Story and Engagement Photos

Time sure does fly!  I cannot believe that this time, 4 years ago, I would be two weeks out from marrying my best friend! This November we will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary!! With our anniversary just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share with you all next week some of the DIYs and details I made for our wedding day as our anniversary approaches! But before I do that, I feel like it’s only appropriate that I share with you all our “how we met story” and some photos of our engagement session shot by the very talented Jen and Dayton Photography along the way!


Our “How We First Met” Story

Once upon a time,

I was in my senior year of high school, I was sitting in my physics class and my friend asked if I wanted to hang out this weekend. One thing I feel like you should know…. I was such a homebody. I loveeeedddd being home and do “old lady things” as my family would friendly tease. I would often be invited to do things but I also was not shy of handing out the good ol’ “rain checks” 90% of the time.  Despite all this, I told my friend, “Sure!” So we planned Friday around 6:30p to hang out.

At the same time, I was also talkin- -urmmm “texting” this guy (not David) who had graduated the year before me. He was in training to be in the Navy so he was out of town and wanted to have a “Skype date” also on Friday night but around 5:00p. But then my physics friend asked if I’d be okay with wanting to hang out with the Schultz girls too, at their home and that she’d pick me up around 5:15p.

So here I am, I’ve never hung out with the Schultz sisters before (the youngest sister I only met ONCE briefly at a powder puff game months ago), the time change now is a conflict with my “Skype date”,  and I didn’t know who else would be there…..  So at this point I really wanted to just give my friend from physics that “rain check” and just talk to this guy.

I was kind of like, well isn’t this timing just great…….(sarcastically, of course) BUT I would find that our God is a God of “perfect timing”. I decided I still wanted to hang out. Though I didn’t cancel that Skype date, I talked for literally 10 min before my friend picked me up.  I felt a little rude but I figured I could just talk to him later. But I never did! LOL. When I got to the Schultz home, I walked in and I literally felt like I was walking in a Pottery Barn Magazine. Seriously. So we went upstairs and there were six of us girls hanging out. It was a great time everyone was super friendly and was so much more fun than a “Skype date”. So I thought I had made the right choice THEN.


Little did anyone know, that DAVID, the Schultz girls’s older brother,  would be making a surprise visit to his parent’s home that same night. He came upstairs where we were all hanging out and he pulled up a chair and sat right across from me. LOL!! I had just made the passerby comment that the movie “Black Swan” was coming out, and that I wanted to see it. If you’ve ever met David, you can guess what happened then.  For those of you who don’t know him, David is SO SO knowledgable with scripture, and truly lives his life as a man of God. More than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life. He has no fear calling what is black “black” and white “white”.  So he started telling all of us about “Black Swan” and how the ballerina in the movie was being tormented by demons, which lead to a conversation about demons in general and then about Jesus Christ. No one had ever talked to me like that, let alone the FIRST TIME meeting me. Like I said, Daivd. is. fearless. So he peaked my interest! So much so that he was talking to us well into the night! The Schultz girls kind of got the hint that David and I were maybe “hitting it off” so they pulled the good old “I’m getting tired, we’re going to bed” HA! “Hey Aychel, you can just stay the night if you want.”  HAHA!


So I did stay over, but not until 5:00a in the morning! But before David and I decided we’d call it a “night” (if you can still call it that….? at 5:00a……?) David had made the hint that he’d like to buy me a coffee! OK, David is 5 years older than me, out of high school, college and living in an apartment. Here I am, I was still in high school, totaled my car….and in high school (heck, at that time, if you can find someone who can drive, that’s like better than sliced ham! ) so of course I was trying to play it “cool” but inside fireworks were going off, the sky was falling, and everything in between! Somehow I managed to keep all that cray in my brain, so I could calmly say “that’d be nice”.  Nailed it. ;D  When we woke up, I met who would be my future in-laws. And HIS DAD said “why don’t you take her out?”. David said that he wanted to take me out to breakfast! Wait. wait. wait…. BREAKFAST??! I thought you wanted to get me coffee…? “Breakfast” is like a DATE!  If I could put 3256298569314 heart eyes, and cheek squeezing emojis, It would be here.  LOL Now, he couldn’t come off toooooo eager  (so he now tells me) LOL, considering we had just met…. and talked until 5:00 that morning….. SO he “stalled” until his sisters woke up so they came too! Isn’t that so cute?

IMG_-056 IMG_-038

(oh boy! We look like BABIES in these photos! )


AND THAT’S IT! One year later, David would ask me to marry him. I obviously would say yes! And then in November 2013, I would marry my best friend!!! And the rest is history!



And that’s our how we met story! It’s not the most romantic one out there, but it’s 100% romantic to me 🙂



Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned to see all the many many DIYs and projects I made for our wedding day! As well as more beautiful photos taken by Jen and Dayton Photography 








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