DIY Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Accent Wall

When my sister asked me if I could paint a mural in her daughter’s new bedroom, of course, I jumped at the opportunity! I only have boys, so I was super excited to do something completely “girly” this time! And there isn’t much that screams “girly” more than flowers and Lilly Pulitzer!

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This Lily Pulitzer inspired mural would also be perfect not only for that special little girl in your life, but it would also look super fun in an office, bathroom, accent wall etc! AND this mural is so SUPER easy. It’s so forgiving too, even if you don’t have a single creative bone in your body, YOU CAN do this one! And today, I am going to show you how you can paint your own Lilly Pulitzer inspired accent wall!

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Mural


  • Light Pink Paint
  • Red Paint
  • White Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Wide Brush
  • Small Brush
  • Painters Tape

jojo room DIY2

These paints are “mis-mix” paints from the hardware store so they cost less then a dollar each! 



Step One: The first thing you will need to do is put painters tape to create a border around the wall where the mural will go, so you don’t get paint on the touching walls.

jojo room DIY

Step Two: You’re going to start by making the flowers! Think about “wide arches” or “upside down U” shapes. You want to make a base for the flowers, but instead of simply drawing a circle, you’re going to use your wider brush and roughly connect and layer “wide arches” until you make a circle!

Step Three: Fill in the circle with more “wide arches”.



jojo room DIY 7

Think about how big and how many you want to fit on your wall. I wanted to do really big flowers and my niece’s wall is only a half wall , so I decided I wanted to do 4-5 flowers. 

Step Four: Mix together the red paint with the same brush and pink paint you used in “step two”.

jojo room DIY 8

Step Five: Add even WIDER arches/”u” shapes. These are going to be the start of your petals!

joj room DIY 9

Step Six: Using the same unwashed brush in “step five”,  dip it directly back into the light pink paint! Add a second coat anywhere you see the lightest pink.

Notice how the light pink has some streaks of the darker color? That’s why we don’t want to wash our brush!

jojo room DIY 10

Step Seven: Again, without washing your brush from “step six” dip it into the red paint. Outline one side the medium pink arches you made in “step five” .  Roughly blend.

jojo room DIY 11

Step Eight: Okay, NOW you’re going to want to wash your brush, we don’t need the wide brush for the flowers anymore.

Step Nine: With the smaller brush, use the white paint and create some highlights. Lightly blend.

jojo room DIY 12

Step Ten: Repeat “steps 4-9” on all your flowers!

jojo room DIY 13

Take a step back and admire you’re progress 🙂 

Now, lets start on the leaves! 


Step Eleven: Make sure you’re wide brush is clean. Mix the green paint with some white to make a lighter green.

jojo room DIY 14

Step Twelve: Make a petal.

jojo room DIY 16

Step Thirteen: Add veins and shadows by using the same brush from “step twelve” and dipping it directly into the green paint. Keep Layering until you get the saturation you want.

jojo room DIY 17

Step Fourteen: Wash off your smaller brush to ensure that there are no traces of pink in it.  Re-dip your smaller brush into the white paint to create highlight. Blend.

jojo room 20

You can also, lightly streak white paint around the background when the smaller brush is “almost-dry” 

jojo room 2wjojo room 21

Step Fifteen: Your DONE!  Let your masterpiece dry! 🙂

jojo room DIY23

Hope you all enjoyed this DIY! Stop by to see more DIY and fun over In The House Of David!`

Come Over Again Soon!




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