How The Right Pillow Can Make A Huge Impact

A favorite little tip that I learned from my mother-in-law is
the importance of puffy, quality and plush pillow inserts.
If I had to choose one place to splurge in a bedroom, it would be on pillow INSERTS! Easiest way to get those cozy bedroom feels!
boys room
I feel, even the nicest pillow cover can come short without the quality foundation!
When I say “quality” I mean, a pillow insert that will not loose it’s “puff”.
My personal favorite pillows are Down and Down-alternative. I find they are the best for keeping their “puff” (and I’ve had mine for YEARS).
For all you friends out there who need a firm or memory foam pillow, you can still have your pillow! But we want all the cozy bedroom feels! So, just stick it in the back behind the big, plush ones! They’ll be tucked away waiting for you when you’re ready to go to sleep.
Now, I mentioned that I wanted to show you all the power of the pillow. 😉
So, here we go:
I took a photo when I used only down and down-alternative pillows,
And then I used some standard pillows.
The standard pillows  still look nice, it’s not perfect. The whole bed feels like it’s lacking a little something.
See, how much of a difference a good pillow makes? Just by changing the pillow inserts, the beds instantly look more comfy and inviting!
Such a simple change, but huge impact.
Thank you, mother-in-law!

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