Who Has The Groom? The Bridal Shower Game You Actually Want to Play

When my sister was getting married, I chose to play “Who Has The Groom” as one of her shower games! It was such a huge hit! Everyone was laughing their little booties off!  So, when I was put in charge of “games” for an upcoming shower, I knew exactly what game I was going to choose!
Today I am going to share my personal favorite bridal shower game. The game is simple, and a modern take on the classic “sticker under the plate” game. SUPER FUN and everyone gets involved! Even if you don’t win a prize, everyone goes home with a groom! 😉


Who Has The Groom? The Bridal Shower Game You Actually Want to Play


Step One:
Print out these Templates I found these on google!
Step Two:
Think about how many prizes you want to give out and print off that many “heads” of the groom. Glue the heads on the template.
Step Three:
Fill up the remaining blank templates with “heads” of celebrities, politicians, cartoon characters, bride/groom family members ….anyone!
I tried to use very familiar faces, but I chose to write down the names of all the “grooms” as well as their occupation (i.e. actor/politician/celebrity) just incase someone didn’t know who they were!
Huge Time Saver: Purchase the “heads” on ETSY! Just search “How Has The Groom heads” most of then are instant download!
Step Four:
Put them all in envelopes. Seal.


Whenever you are ready to play the game, simply pass out one sealed envelope to each guest. Ask the question “WHO HAS THE GROOM?” out loud! Encourage everyone to open their envelope, and whoever has the grooms picture in their envelope wins the prize!


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