Super Easy Way To Cozy A Room for Fall!

It’s officially PSL season! I could say just about every cliche thing about fall/autumn/PSL season and that would just begin to describe how much I love this time of the year! I will only talk about one of those “cliche” sayings that top my list…

Fall means cozying up!

I love me some PSL but you don’t always need the “pumpkins”  to get into the fall season! Play around with warm and bold textiles and layer to get all the fall feels!

My FAVORITE and one of the easiest ways to cozy up my boy’s room is layering extra pillows, whip out the “nicer” down inserts and use warm textiles!

The beds are immediately is more inviting and oh so snug-able!

David and I have recently switched over to a king sized bed! So guess who gets the nicer down pillow insert hand-me-downs ? 🙂

These boys!

Well, they are BOYS (and under two years old……. ) so they had ZERO interest in the pillows…. ha!

Oh well, this mom thinks quality pillow inserts make a HUGE difference and well worth the investment!

They make the bed look so much more plush and the LAYERS that more cozy and inviting!

For their beds I layered it to the MAX!

Here is how I chose to layer my boys’ beds this season!

  • 1 standard pillow

  • 1 26″ euro pillow

  • 1 20″ euro pillow

  • 1 accent pillow (14″)

  • white duvet

  • Throw Blanket

I chose to layer velvet and fur!

It’s one of my favorite fabric combos for the colder months!

I personally love how the velvet creates a soft backdrop against the high-texture from the fur pillow! And the bright fox pillow keeps everything still”kiddie”!

And that’s it! The SUPER simple and easy way that I cozy up my boys’ room and get it ready for fall! Subtle additions that make a huge difference in the whole feel of the room!

Thank you so much for swinging by!

Come over again soon In The House Of David!


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