Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 4

We’re so close to finishing the walls of the playroom I can feel it! I’m super excited because I can see the end! I was torn between continuing the “black” from the ceiling onto the walls or going bold with a strong contrast of white!  After playing around with it in my head throughout the day, I decided to go with the white! I figured I worked really hard on the ceiling so the last thing I wanted to do was take away from it by painting the walls black too. And if you’ve followed me for a bit now, you know, white is my favorite color anyways!

So White it is!

I love love love Benjamin Moore’s White paint selections. However, the nearest BM is 30 min away from me (which I wasn’t feeling like doing for a playroom) So I drove 8 minutes to Sherwin Williams! I love their paint colors too!

Who am I kidding, I love all paint colors!

This playroom is in the basement so even though it is a space/universe/galaxy theme room, I didn’t want it to feel cold! So I really wanted a warm white. I chose Sherwin Williams WhiteTail. Absolutely gorgeous creamy and warm white.

To back track a little bit, When I painted the ceiling in SW Tricorn Black, I used SW Builder grade paint (I really want a fun light fixture for their playroom so I was trying to save a buck! haha! ) And to my surprise, it worked amazing!

SO, I figured I’d try to use the same paint to finish the walls. DO NOT USE BUILDER GRADE SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT in WHITE. I thought one gallon would easily have enough paint to paint 4 half walls….. NOPE. I painted 4 coats and still have some transparency. ….Fifth time’s the charm?

But it’s all about the end result. And I LOVE it!

I was originally going to fade the black into the white, but when I saw the white paint actually on the wall, I liked the idea of a strong contrast better. So I wanted a bold line diving the “stars”  and the white wall. I wish I had decided that before I started painting the white. Now I have to tape out where I want the black to end.  Oh well, changing the plan is part of the fun!

So after I taped everything out,I had to go back and repaint black on the top side of the paint and finish off by adding some light sponging and STARS!!

And that’s it for the paint! What do you think? I think David can officially call it “the play-verse” now ha!

I’m excited to get some furniture in this room and (dare I say it?) …. TOYS!

ALSO, remember that fun light fixture that I was talking about hanging in the playroom? The one that I went cheap on the paint for? Well here it is!

I am so excited to get this light up! It is the PS 2014 from IKEA! If there are two things in a home I am obsessed with, it’s paint and LIGHTING! I LOOOOVVVEEE lighting. And this one is so so fun! I can’t wait to get it up, and show you all! It’s perfect for a playroom! I mean, “Play-Verse”!

Thank you so much for swinging by! Stay tuned for more DIY and fun In The House Of David!

Come Over Again Soon!


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