Playroom to “Play-Verse” Part 2

It’s time to start painting the space/universe ceiling! YAY!!  After clearing out the playroom, the first thing I needed to do was paint the ceiling black to get that night sky backdrop!

This was my first time painting a ceiling, I was a tad nervous about it! But I actually wanted the paint to spill over onto the walls so I didn’t have to worry about getting that “straight edge”. HUGE time and sanity saver!

I used Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

It’s my favorite black from Sherwin Williams! I use is in my  boys’s room too!

While the ceiling finished drying, I ran to hobby lobby and picked up some materials for the “galaxy” part.

I wanted bright and clear colors. Primary colors were the cheapest way to go! And then I could just mix them together or with  left over paint from previous projects to get color variation.

I chose to use mostly acrylic paint because acrylic paint naturally has a transparent quality so it’d be easy to build layers!

I also opted for an artist sponge instead of a brush because the ceiling so much bigger than a piece of paper or canvas.  I thought It might be easier to manage.

The artist sponge was really good at creating unpredictable patterns and texture which is exactly what I need to make the galaxy more realistic.

I’ve been working on this project when the baby goes to bed and so far, so good! The only downside, is that I check the clock and realize it’s midnight sometimes 1 in the morning! That would be fine, If my baby wouldn’t be ready to start his day at 6am!!

So this is where we are at currently. There is still almost the entire left side to paint and AT LEAST 4 more colors I want to add, but I figured this was a good stopping point and get some sleep!

Next stop, finish the other half of the ceiling and then add the stars!

Stay tuned for more progress updates coming soon In The House of David ! 😍❤️

Thank you for swinging by!

Come over again soon!


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