Playroom to “Play-verse” Part 1


 The playroom has forever been referred to as the “black-hole” here in the House Of David.  All the toys somehow seem to congregate to that room. No matter how many toys we donate and get rid of, we end up with more that constantly end up scattered across the playroom floor and sometime seem like they never end. I hate that room the way it is now. It’s clutter.

The kids all love it, because they’re kids and all they care about the endless fun that awaits. That “endless fun”  does indeed eventually end (*cough* naptime *cough*)

And what you’re left with is….

My kids will and do clean up after their messes but sometimes it’s easier and faster if I just clean it up while they nap. So I went in there, pushing my way through all the toys, trying not to step on anything with my bare feet. I turned around, saw the ground and said “something has to be done with this room”.

I bought this book when I  became a Christian almost eight years ago.   Its a great little coffee book filled with photos of space taken from the Hubble Telescope. I picked it up again (while drinking a cup of coffee of course) and was browsing through the pictures. Just beautiful photos showcasing how “The Heavens Proclaim His Glory” , I got to thinking hubble telescope….. space…..stars….

Then my mind immediately jumped to the playroom back downstairs… the “black-hole” . A light bulb went off and I had another painting idea!

“How cool would something like that be on the ceiling?” I wondered to myself.  The playroom downstairs would be a perfect spot to do just that!

The plan is paint a space mural on the ceiling of the playroom! And convert the playroom into a space/universe theme room,

…or as David calls it the “Play-verse”,

and with seating and storage solutions for the toys to be tucked away in!

I’m going to use my favorite pictures of various galaxies and star clusters from this book as inspiration, and I’m hoping it will all come together well.

I’m really excited to get started. I think it will be a really fun space for the kids to play in, while still being a “useable” space” for us grown-ups and guests 🙂

I’m giving myself a little over a week to get this done, so check back for progress updates on the blog!

First step, clear this room out and get that ceiling black 😍

Stay tuned for more fun and DIY in the House of David.

Come Over Again Soon!


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