Painting Our Doors Blue… and Pink

I’ve been going back and forth between wanting to paint the doors on the main level of my home for about nine months!  It’s a commitment and more involved than painting the average wall. For the longest time, I thought I wanted black interior doors (thank you Pinterest). I LOVE black doors. They’re so classic and clean. But when we bought our home, the previous owners had painted the exterior red, and two shades of blue with white siding.

 I really liked those colors together on the house so I wanted work with what we had and carry those four colors inside as well.

So, when moved into our home, we painted most of the walls an “off’-white” with the exception for the dinning and “den” area which we painted the blue-almost-black color similar to the darker shade of blue on the front of the house.

That took care of bringing two of the four colors inside.

I wanted to do something to incorporate the red and lighter blue color inside.


I chose SW “Stardew” for the light blue color, I think it was a pretty close match to the blue on the outside. 

I really like red exterior doors, but I think red can be intense for interior doors.If only there was a way to less intensify red……


 I ALWAYS love a pink door. I figured if I paint most of the doors light blue, my husband won’t mind one door being pink.

But I wasn’t quite sure if having blue AND pink doors would look okay together in real life ….. and not just my brain.

In a house full of men, I thought I deserved a pink door!

…..So, I was really determined to make it work.

But what pink to choose? I probably wouldn’t get David’s approval with an intense pink, but maybe Rose Quartz? It’s so soft and subtle. …And It’s totally in right now. SW “insightful rose” was a strong contender. But would it look good with light blue doors?

THANKFULLY I found Addison’s Wonderland Blog  . And she painted her doors with a 50/50 mixture of SW “Stardew” & “Uncertain Grey”

She chose “Stardew” too! 🙂

But her pink paint choice was SW “Doeskin” . And it looks AMAZING!!!!

 Reading her blog, I felt confident in painting a pink door WITH my blue doors. Just to be on the safe side….. I ditched “SW Insightful Rose” and decided I’d copy up and use “SW DOESKIN” too! 😏

“Doeskin” is more fun to say than “insightful rose” anyways 😝!

So at the end of the day, the winning colors for the doors were

SW “Stardew” and “Doeskin” ! 

…And I couldn’t be happier with the color choice!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! Stay tuned for more DIY and fun in the House Of David!

Come Over Again Soon 🙂


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