Where to Find Restoration Hardware Prints for Cheap

I usually buy new things that “fake old” because unlike my mother-in-law, thrifting and finding true old gems has never been a success of mine.

Restoration Hardware has TONS of these “fake old” prints to purchase.

I particularly fancy their vintage map prints.

rh map wp

The biggest draw about Restoration Hardware vintage map prints are the size. I personally love how bold they are. I can hang one on a single wall and that’s it. The less to hang, the better.

However, the prints cost can cost thousands of dollars. Wahhhhhhhh!!!

People pay thousands for original art or true old prints. But I could never justify paying thousand(s) of dollars for “fake old”.

I’ve been wanting to tie in more blue into the home for a while now. The blue in Restoration Hardware’s Hemisphere Grand Canvas Wall Tapestry.  It is really unique and would look amazing in my living room.

It is actually from their Baby and Child side but none-the-less still very expensive.  Almost $700 dollars.

rh map wp 2

 Restoration Hardware

Thankfully, a few years ago, I stumbled upon a small friendly family run company called First Class Design Co. And they have the EXACT same prints and sizes as Restoration Hardware. They are not affiliated with Restoration Hardware but they are identical and a FRACTION of the cost.

I was browsing through their Etsy shop and found their World Map Print : Nursery World Map print art poster 1879. I could not have been more excited! It looks just the the one from Restoration Hardware Child and Baby but It would cost me only $199!

rh worldmap wp 3

First Class Design Co.

When the print got to my door step it was so much better than I was expecting! And I could not wait to get a frame put around it and hang it up in my living room!

rh world map wp 4rh world map wp 5rh world map wp 6rh world map 7rh world map 8

I am so pleased with how the vintage map turned out!

Well there you have it! Where you need to go to get Restoration Hardware maps for a fraction of the cost!

 They have TONS of vintage prints so be sure to check them out!

Thanks for reading and come back to see other DIYS and Fun happening In The House Of David.

Come over again soon!


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